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Other organisations    

Association for Science Education
Promoting excellence in science teaching and learning
  Journals (Education in Science; School Science Review), books (e.g. Topics in Safety, Be safe!), health & safety, conferences, CPD   www.ase.org.uk

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
The voice of the UK pharmaceutical industry
  Resources, careers   www.abpischools.org.uk www.abpicareers.org.uk

British Mycological Society
Promoting fungal science
  Resources, magazine (Mycologist News), outreach   www.britmycolsoc.org.uk

British Society for Parasitology
The leading academic society to promote and support the study of parasitology
  Educational resources, factsheets, Bugbitten Blog. Parasitology journal, outreach   www.bsp.uk.net

Supporting practical science and technology
  Resources, Bulletin, health & safety, courses, members’ Helpline   science.cleapss.org.uk/(Secondary Schools)
primary.cleapss.org.uk/(Primary Schools)

Health and Safety Executive Preventing death, injury and ill health in Britain’s workplaces   The approved list of biological agents (categorisation of micro-organisms according to hazard; those suitable for use in schools are drawn from Hazard Group 1)   www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/misc208.pdf

Institute for Research in Schools
Supporting school students and teachers to develop authentic research in schools.
  Make data accessible to schools, teacher support via webinars/other resources, loan of scientific research equipment. Research conferences.   www.researchinschools.org

Microbiology Society
Promoting the science and significance of microbiology for over 60 years
  Resources, magazine (Microbiology Today), books, courses, health & safety, careers, school membership, outreach   www.microbiologyonline.org.uk microbiologysociety.org/careers.html

National Centre for Biotechnology Education
The first school biotechnology centre in the world, established in 1985
  Resources, materials, equipment, cultures, courses, health & safety   www.ncbe.reading.ac.uk

Quekett Microscopical Club
The leading organisation, founded in 1865, for people interested in the microscope and microscopy
  The Club is for amateur and professional light microscopists, with information on all aspects of microscopy and photomicrography   www.quekett.org

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Producing and communicating basic and applied information about plant- and fungal-related topics
  School visits, courses, outreach, CPD   www.kew.org

Royal Society of Biology
The voice for UK biology, working to influence policy and strategy in biology-based research and teaching
  Resources, journals (Journal of Biological Education; Biologist), BioEd e-newsletter, competitions, workshops, careers, school membership, CPD   www.rsb.org.uk

Science and Plants for Schools
Improving teaching and learning in plant science by providing practical resources
  Resources, courses   www.saps.org.uk

Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre
Supporting science and technology education in Scotland
  Resources, Bulletin, courses, health & safety, members’ SafetyNet menu, CPD   www.sserc.org.uk

Society for Applied Microbiology
The voice of applied microbiology
  Magazine (Microbiologist)   www.sfam.org.uk

Wellcome Trust
Promoting contemporary science in the curriculum and enabling young people to engage with biomedical science
  Resources, conferences, courses, outreach   www.wellcome.ac.uk

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Specific web site resources

Cholera and the Thames   KS2 teachers pack, animations and online games to teach about London's battle against cholera in the nineteenth century and the continuing battle being fought against it today.   www.choleraandthethames.co.uk

e-Bug   Resource on antibiotics and hygiene for KS2 and KS3 in the classroom and at home (EU project led by Health Protection Agency)   www.e-bug.eu
(in several European languages)

European Initiative for Biotechnology Education (EIBE)
biotechnology units  
(see MiSAC briefings 3 EIBE biotechnology units)
  Practical investigations, role play, debate, drama and background information in 19 units (EU project)   www.archiv.ipn.uni-kiel.de/eibe/ENGLISH/INTRO.HTM
(in several European languages)

Fungi4Schools   Resources, techniques, English names for fungi, FAQs (British Mycological Society)   www.davidmoore.org.uk/Assets/fungi4schools/index.htm

Microscopes 4 schools   Resources for children, teachers, parents and scientists to set up their own activities with microscopes.   www2.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk/microscopes4schools/

Pond life identification kit
  Simple guide to microscopic pond life; virtual pond dip (Microscopy-UK)   www.microscopy-uk.org.uk/pond/index.html

Practical biology   Tried and tested practical activities (Nuffield Foundation-Society of Biology project in association with CLEAPSS)   practicalbiology.org

Recycle now   Practical guide to recycling anything [Waste Recycling Awareness Project (WRAP) www.recyclenow.com   Composting: www.recyclenow.com/howtocompost

(see MiSAC briefings 1 Food from fungi)
  Product background, nutrition, recipes, FAQs (Marlow Foods Ltd)   www.quorn.com (in several languages)

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Publications: resources for practical activities

Basic Practical Microbiology – a Manual (2006) Microbiology Society, ISBN 0 95368 383 4 (techniques, activities, health & safety).

Be safe! (2010) 4th edition. Association for Science Education (advice for primary schools).

Practical Microbiology for Secondary Schools (2008) Microbiology Society,

ISBN 0 95368 382 6 (21 investigations, written by the Microbiology in Schools Advisory Committee).

Safeguards in the School Laboratory 12th edition. Association for Science Education.

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Publications: general microbiology texts

Brock’s Biology of Micro-organisms 12th ed. (2008) by M T Madigan, J M Martinko, P V Dunlap & D P Clark, pp 1168. Benjamin Cummings. ISBN 978 0 13 232460 1  (earlier editions also useful).

Prescott’s Microbiology 8th ed. (2010) by J Willey, L Sherwood & C Woolverton, pp 1070. McGraw-Hill.  ISBN 978 0 07 735013 0  (earlier editions also useful).

Prescott’s Principles of Microbiology 1st ed. (2008) by J Willey, L Sherwood & C Woolverton, pp 1070. McGraw-Hill. ISBN 987 0 07 128367 0 (paperback).

Introductory Microbiology (1996) by J Heritage, E G V Evans & R A Killington, pp 234. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0 521 44977 4.

Microbiology in Action  (1999) by  J Heritage, E G V Evans & R A Killington, pp 290. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0 521 62912 8.

Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology 3rd ed. Revised (2006) by P Singleton & D Sainsbury, pp. 908. ISBN 978 0 470 03545 0 (earlier editions also useful)

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Some suppliers of cultures, culture media, materials and equipment for microbiology

Beecroft and Partners Ltd   Algae, culture media and antibiotic discs.   www.beecroft-science.co.uk

Blades Biological Ltd   Bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa; culture media, antibiotic discs, and a limited range of equipment.   www.blades-bio.co.uk

Darwin Biological   Bacteria, algae, culture media, materials and equipment.   www.darwinbiological.co.uk

National Centre for Biotechnology Education   Specialised range of bacteria and fungi; materials and equipment (including for molecular biology)   www.ncbe.reading.ac.uk

Philip Harris   Bacteria, culture media, antibiotic discs, kits and microbiology equipment.   www.philipharris.co.uk

Timstar Laboratory Suppliers Ltd   Bacteria, fungi, culture media, antibiotic discs, kits and microbiology equipment.   www.timstar.co.uk

VITTA Education   Cultures and culture media, antibiotic discs, kits and microslide sets   www.vittaeducation.com
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Blue tongue virus Pseudomonas fluorescens Oxytricha sp. Penicillium chrysogenum Microasterias sp.
Blue tongue virus   Pseudomonas fluorescens   Oxytricha sp   Penicillium chrysogenum   Microasterias sp

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