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Thai Schools Competition

In 2014, for the first time, secondary schools in Thailand participated in a poster competition based on the popular MiSAC annual schools competition. The fungus-themed competition, entitled Helpful and Harmful Fungi, was organised to coincide with the 10th International Mycological Congress, a four-yearly event, held in Bangkok in 2014. Over a thousand top ranking mycological scientists from around the world attended.

The competition was organised by a MiSAC committee member who collaborates with the Thai Ministry of Education running training workshops and producing microbiology resources for Thai schools. MiSAC has an outward-looking philosophy and seeks to have as wide an impact as possible in the promotion of microbiology education outside the UK.

Co-sponsoring the competition with MiSAC were the British Mycological Society (BMS) one of MiSAC's sponsors, and IPST of the Thai Ministry of Education.

Entries of a public information poster in Thai on either a helpful or a harmful fungus were received from all over Thailand. Successful posters were displayed and winners participated in the final day of the Congress and explained, in English, their choice of fungus for each poster. They were presented with their awards by the president of BMS at the closing ceremony of the Congress.

M Whalley

Winning posters, 2014

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